Information and support for adults with Down syndrome ages 21 and over.


A dance for adults and teens with disabilities and their friends. Held annually at Towson University in the late fall.

For more information, contact Claire Holmes at or 410.372.0618.

Book Club

A literary club for teens and young adults with Down syndrome ages middle school, high school, college age (18-23) and adults (24 and older). Groups  of about 5-7 people read age appropriate books, socialize and have fun! 

For more information or questions, contact Jay Silverman at (410) 356-8496.

I have Down syndrome, and it is important to me
that I am able to enjoy life to the fullest.

I want to volunteer, work and
be seen as a productive member of society.

I want to spend leisure time with my friends and family and have lots of fun.

I want to be welcomed and have a place in community activities.

I want to live as independently as I can and
make my own decisions.

I want access to a good education and opportunities for lifelong learning.

I have Down syndrome, and I am proud of who I am.
— Self­-Advocate Resolution, National Down Syndrome Congress Adopted 2013 in Denver, Colorado