I Pledge To Be a Face and Voice for Down Syndrome

As I’m writing this President’s Post, sitting in the comfort of my bed on this rainy Tuesday, Governor Hogan is signing Maryland’s ABLE Act before witnesses who championed the bill since its infancy. And, on the national front, hundreds of individuals with Down syndrome and their families and friends from across the country are meeting with members of Congress and their staff as part of the National Down Syndrome Society’s Buddy Walk on Washington.

It gives me great pride to know how many people from our Baltimore area Down syndrome community have been critical to the successes of so many legislative advancements that benefit individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. What I’m not proud of is that I haven’t been more involved in the effort.

Yes, I have e-mailed and called local representatives. I’ve talked to my friends and family about legislative priorities and shared posts and calls for action on social media. And, yes, that is part of the cause, and I shouldn’t overlook the power in what I’ve done. But I also realize that there are those consistent and unflagging voices for Down syndrome who are always present – who are there for me and my daughter, who are there for you and your children. And I can do more.

Today, while others are meeting in Washington D.C. and Annapolis for me and my daughter, Elaina, I pledge that in the next year, I will be a face and voice for Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities in our state and nation’s capital. You will see me in Annapolis and at the Buddy Walk on Washington in 2017.

Make the pledge with me!

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