I Go To Work on My Own with Uber

By Melissa Silverman, self-advocate and CDSPG board member

I started using Uber this school year to go to work and back home after my shift at Franklin Elementary School in Reisterstown.  This is working out great.  Uber has an app that I downloaded on my iPhone. My dad helped me set up an account under my name.  I request my ride by putting in my address and where I want to go and then hit request.  They come quickly. The app shows you the name of the driver, type of car they are driving, and the license plate number. They send me a message on my iPhone as to how long it will take to get to my house.  I can follow their progress on the iPhone Uber map.  My parents can also follow the car with the app. The charge goes onto my credit card, so no money changes hands; and then they email me the receipt.  You do not need to tip them. They rate you as passenger and you rate the driver from 1 to 5 stars.

Last year I took a cab to and from work.  They were more expensive and very unreliable.  I had to call them 1 hour and 15 minutes before I needed to get to work.  The cab is part of a government program called “call-a-ride, which has many restrictions. Many times my dad had to take me to work or pick me up because they could not find a “call-a-ride” cab.

So far with Uber, they always come within 7 to 10 minutes; and I only need to contact them 25 minutes before I need to get to work.  I love to work and I love Uber.