If you have recently learned that your baby has Down syndrome, if you need answers, support or just need to talk to someone who's been through this, please contact our First Call team at 443-300-6972 or firstcall@cdspg.org. All correspondences are confidential.

New parents

Congratulations on your new baby! Right now there may be a lot of emphasis on how your baby may be different and possible medical issues he or she may face but the most important thing to remember is that your baby is a baby first. You will begin to learn that children with Down syndrome are more alike than different from other children.

Brochure for new and expectant parents

Expectant Parents

Learning that your baby has Down syndrome is an overwhelming experience for most parents. You may feel confused, frightened, angry, saddened, or isolated. Please know that your feelings are completely normal! We have information and connections available that can help you make important decisions for your family.

interested in more information

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CDSPG made us feel so welcomed with the gift box we received after Nora’s birth. Her favorite book came from that box. Every time I see her looking at that book I’m reminded of the great support we will always have.
— Kimberly A. Waszkiewicz MS,OTR/L

medical outreach

In surveys of medical students and doctors, most respondents report that they feel unprepared to talk to families about a Down syndrome diagnosis.  To meet this need, CDSPG is undertaking a medical outreach effort as part of the First Call program.  

  • We have given seminars to the genetic counselors and obstetric residents at Johns Hopkins about best practices for delivering a diagnosis, recommended resources, and how they can connect a new family with CDSPG.

  • In addition, thanks to a number of CDSPG parents, we have been able to provide information to OBs, genetic counselors, social workers, and pediatricians throughout the Baltimore metro area.

Our hope is that these efforts will help medical professionals provide new families with up-to-date, accurate, and objective information about Down syndrome and the opportunity to connect with families in the local Down syndrome community.

If you are interested in bringing our First Call seminars to your hospital or medical facility, contact FirstCall@cdspg.org.

welcome socials

Welcome Socials introduce families with new babies and families new to the Baltimore region to the local Down syndrome community.

These events are catered provide opportunities for the whole family to play and hang out. Loyola University student volunteers play with the youngsters while parents relax and support each other.

Want to get more involved, contact Laura Feiler.

My face may be different
But my feelings the same
I laugh and I cry
And I take pride in my gains
I was sent here among you to
teach you to love
As God in the heavens
Looks down from above
To Him I’m no different
His love knows no bounds
It’s those here among you
In cities and towns
That judge me by standards
That man has imparted
But this family I’ve chosen
Will help me get started
For I’m one of the children
So special and few
That came here to learn
The same lessons as you
That love is acceptance
It must come from the heart
We all have the same purpose
Though not the same start
The Lord gave me life
To live and embrace
And I’ll do it as you do
But at my own pace.
— Creed of Babies with Down Syndrome